About Vail + Young

We started vail+young because we wanted to bring art into people's homes.  Trying to find art can be discouraging, as there are an overwhelming number of sources, it can be difficult to learn much about the artists, and the art itself is often prohibitively expensive. At vail+young we hope to make art more accessible by bridging the gap between independent artists and ordinary people.  Art is all around us, even in a pillow.  Each of our product pages includes information about the artist(s) who created or contributed to the product.  We hope that knowing a bit about the person who created your art piece will bring you into our artist community.


We also believe in paying it forward.  Each purchase from vail+young means a donation to a charity focused on arts education.  Help us inspire the artists of the next generation - see who we're currently supporting.


Interested in discovering more great contemporary artists?  Check out our Artist Profile series and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.  We are constantly scouring the interwebs for new artists with a focus on originality and affordability.  An artist yourself?  We'd love to feature your work or just say hello - send us a message at info{at}vailandyoung{dot}com.


We're located in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, CA.  Our pillows are made right here using fabrics sourced from America (when possible) and around the world.  Each pillow we make features either an artist's work printed on fabric or original artist-painted fabric squares.  Pillows are just the beginning - we're working on a full-fledged artist marketplace.  Follow our blog to stay informed or subscribe to our newsletter below!